Self-leadership for individuals and within teams is the key to progress. Communication, behaviour and authenticity are the basis for building inspiring and inclusive lectures and workshops.

What can bring out the potential we already carry within us? How do we create sustainable, strong and genuine teams? How do we get to what it's really all about?

Themes that are tailored for every project::

Self-leadership, attitude, authenticity, communication, body language, leadership, coaching perspective, team development, mental health and mental training.

I am convinced that active participation, reflection and humor are crucial components for a lecture and workshop to lead to new insights and knowledge. 

My layout is using creative, inclusive methods that are mixed with reflective exercises and conversation. The focus is on the group's knowledge and skillset, personalities and prior experiences as this leads to increased self-leadership for the entire team.

I am passionate about inspiring, mobilising and challenging individuals in self-leadership regardless of the situation. Whether you are currently an employee, a manager, on sick-leave or an elite athlete, if you feel fantastic or utterly useless. Onwards in action or acceptance.My lectures and workshops are concrete and motivating and participants leave with life-changing insights.

Every area of life is connected, so I believe in sharing personal experiences from my life as well as my professional skills because this forms the basis for authenticity and real development.

Testimonies from former clients and participants:

"Her ability to shift between energy and reflection, between humor and sincerity, is what sets her apart. Always focused, authentic and research driven."

"Intelligent, personable and professional in every way."

"A medley of humor and gravity, and a flow of new thoughts and ideas, the time flew by."

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