Mental training is an effective tool for personal development and enables the individual to lead themselves to an efficient and sustainable way to navigate the hurdles that come with a life-long athletic career. In moments of failure as well as in times of success, both on and off the field. Through conversation and mental-training we can unlock the potential that exists in every athlete.
Challenges and needs of Elite athletes:

"I need someone who stands by my side and supports me on my journey who doesn't have anything to win from my success" Elite national athlete from Sweden.

"As an athlete, I am under constant pressure to perform and deliver and I am often my own worst critic. Sometimes, I feel like a product for someone to own. Clubs, coaches, family, friends, sponsors and the general public share their opinions and thoughts about what they think is best for me."

What do we talk about?

Since everything in life is connected, we focus on the needs that are specific to YOU. Transfers, career, relationships, scoring more goals, finding the right mindset, disappointments, achievements, coaches etc..

Typical topics include:
  • I know that I have more to accomplish as an athlete, but I don't know my next steps.
  • What happens when my athletic career is over? Who am I then?
  • I want to set specific goals for my athletic career and create a concrete strategy for achieving them.
  • How to I find my flow and the right mindset?
  • I'm not sure if I want to continue competing.
  • The coaches don't like me, how can I still bring out my best?
  • I am grieving the loss of a family member, how can I continue to perform and move forward?
  • I am nearing the end of the season and am preparing for some of the most important matches. At the same time, there are clubs who are vying for my attention, how can I consentrate?
  • How can I prioritise my time? It feels like I'm not enough when it comes to my family, my studies and my sport.
  • I haven't scored a goal for the past few games and I don't know what to do...
  • I've lost motivation.
  • My relationship just fell apart and I have a really important race next week. I'm not sure how I can still perform.
How does it work?

In our first meeting, we set our focus, decide on methodology and number of meetings. Tailor-made for your needs. You choose between using my services for a certain number of meetings or for an entire season.

Where do we meet?

Most often, we meet in person in my office or conference room, via internet or via phone call. Sometimes, my clients prefer to meet at a café or even go for walk.

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