Paula Gullbing

I was born into a large family that impressed upon me the importance of social values. Not looking past the ‘little man’ and the immense value of education and entrepreneurship. I am utterly convinced that anything is possible with time and determination. There is a place for everyone, the successful leader, the entrepreneur, the single-mother and the one who’s lost their way. These values serve as my foundation: that everyone is equally valuable and the wonderful and endless strength of humanity.

For as long as I can remember, I have been involved in everything from theatre to the circus, singing and speaking, the stage has always felt like home. This has, of course, shaped the creative strategies that I use in my work.

There is a special kind of magic that comes when people are in a room together, I find this to be incredibly interesting and a powerful tool in unlocking a person’s potential.

I have four adult children: Benjamin, David, Josefine and William and have shared my life with my wonderful partner Patrick since 1993.



  • Certifierad Coach PCC, International Coach Federation.
  • Diploma: Mental Training
  • B.S. Psychology in Behavioral Science, Linneus University
  • Certified coach: MBTI
  • Corporate Health Responsibility, Analysis of Human Capital within Organisations
  • Motivational & Problem Solving Conversation

Self-Leadership based in authenticity, courage and respect.

For over 15 years, I have worked passionately to support and inspire individuals and teams in self-leadership development. Today, I am a Coach, Supervisor, Mental Trainer, Lecturer and Moderator. I have coached leaders, entrepreneurs, elite athletes, artists, politicians and UN staff-members. I work with completely ordinary, completely phenomenal individuals and organisations who want to do more.

As well as being a lecturer, I host tailor-made workshop around the topics of: Self-leadership, attitude, authenticity, communication, body language, leadership, coaching perspective, team development, mental health and mental training.

Whether you are currently an employee, a manager, on sick-leave or an elite athlete, if you feel fantastic or utterly useless. I am passionate about inspiring, mobilising and challenging individuals in self-leadership regardless of the situation. There are keys that can, and will, guide you one step further on your path. Onwards in action or acceptance.My lectures and workshops are concrete and motivating and participants leave with life-changing insights.

Every area of life is connected, so I believe in sharing personal experiences from my life as well as my professional skills because this forms the basis for authenticity and real development.

As a moderator, I have experience hosting panel discussions and interviews among a wide range of personalities covering many different topics. I have extensive experience of holding inaugurations, public celebrations and even standing on large festival stages.

As a host, I am personal, warm, engaged and well-read. Always light-hearted and relaxed, I am focused on the theme and main participants of the event.