Strength, agility and courage come when YOU, piece by piece, find your true and fantastic potential and put it into action.
Humanity’s intrinsic strength, curiosity and courage never cease to fascinate and inspire me.

Navigating life’s great questions and one’s own inner thoughts together with a professional Coach and mentor can make a world of difference. Together, we take apart complex situations, enabling us to see your situation clearly and map out a path towards progress. ,  

I am your sounding board, your personal trainer, in self-leadership and development. Our conversations cover all aspects of life because everything is connected. Our focus is dictated by your personal goals and specific needs.

  • Certifierad Coach PCC, International Coach Federation.
  • Diploma: Mental Training
  • Behavioural Scientist
  • Certified coach: MBTI
  • Motivational & Problem Solving Conversation

My clients range from leaders to entrepreneurs, elite athletes, artists, politicians, UN staff-members, researchers or just ordinary people. What they have in common is that they are brave, driven and want to be challenged to learn more about themselves and unlock their potential.

Why conversation?
  • You want to move forward in your career, but aren't sure how.
  • You need a sounding board and the ability to speak freely without filtering your experience.
  • You want to unlock more of the potential that you believe exists in a particular area of your life.
  • You want to grow and be challenged as a leader and manager and want to take the time to reflect.
  • You want to give yourself the time to reflect over your life and who you are.
  • You feel that you need to build your self-confidence.
  • You feel that there is something getting in the way of your personal progress, but aren't sure what it is.
  • You desire and objective conversation partner in a specific discussion.
  • You need support to re-prioritize and change.
  • You wish to speak with someone outside of your own circle who can serve as a wholistic coach.
How does it work?

During our initial meeting, we will set a focus for our coming time together. We make a plant tailor-made for your specific needs and how much time you wish to spend working together.

Where do we meet?

Most often, we meet in person in my office or conference room, via internet or via phone call. Sometimes, my clients prefer to meet at a café or go for walk. In certain cases, I can even join you in your own workspace.

Contact: Tel: 0737- 672476 Mail: